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Dominika Zahoranova's testimonial: Tvnoviny article (sk)

[Dominika] has been living on the island of the midnight sun for over a year. To visit this beautiful country was her great dream. She decided to combine a pleasant with a useful one. She became a volunteer for the non-profit organization SEEDS Iceland and now she and her other colleague are taking care of a small hotel. "It's a calm and enjoyable job, but the endless beauty of Iceland's unique nature, peace, silence, and the opportunity to experience it all every day fulfill me most."


SEEDS Iceland promotes intercultural understanding, environmental awareness and environmental protection through social, cultural and enviro projects in Iceland. Dominika also worked here as a team leader and her task was to cover all organisational duties associated with the functioning of a group of short-term volunteers from around the world. For example, planting trees, cleaning beaches, building footpaths in the mountains, and more. They organised various lectures or seminars as part of their educational activities.”

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Dominika Zahoranova's testimonial: Tvnoviny article (sk)
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