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Long-term Volunteer (LTV) & Medium-term Volunteer (MTV) projects offer the chance to work as a volunteer for a period between 3 and 12 months (ideally minimum of 6 months), experience different cultures, meet people from different countries, learn new or improve skills, take part in peacemaking and help in social and/or environmental service initiatives.

A Long-term Volunteer and/or Medium-term Volunteer position at SEEDS is an exceptional option for people to gain experience in service projects and obtain hands on understanding in world issues.

Every year we host a number of long-term volunteers, some of them through funding programmes and some without funding scheme.

Some of our volunteers join SEEDS with the support of funding schemes, like the EVS (European Voluntary Service), Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Grundtving, etc.

Some other volunteers join SEEDS without any funding scheme, for information on details and possibilities, please email us.

Every year we host a number of  long-term volunteers to join our SEEDS team and the most common positions are:

1.    Placement Officer
2.    Office Assistant (Communications & PR)
3.    Office Assistant (IT)
4.    Logistics Coordinator
5.    Accommodation Manager
6.    Photomarathon Coordinator
7.    Camp leader

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