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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a workcamp?
How long does a workcamp last for?
Where are the workcamps located?
What kind of workcamps does SEEDS offer?
How do I find a SEEDS workcamp?
How do I join a SEEDS workcamp?
How does SEEDS select the volunteers for a workcamp?
When do I know if I was accepted?
How old do I have to be to go on a workcamp?
What should I bring with me to SEEDS workcamps?
What should I do after being accepted?
How do I get more information about the workcamp?
Does SEEDS offer something special in its workcamps?
Why does SEEDS charge participation fees for workcamps?
What about transportation? How do we get to the working place?
How are the participation costs and transportation contributions collected?
Do we work for the whole two weeks?
Who leads the workcamps?
Do I need any special skills to join a workcamp?
Are there some last minute workcamps available?
Can I participate in more than one workcamp?
Are all the costs covered during the workcamp?
Are food and accommodation provided?
What type of accommodation will be provided?
Where are SEEDS volunteers coming from?
Do I need insurance?
Are there any language requirements?
How do the campers spend their free time?
What happens if I get lost or have some problems to get to the workcamp?
How can I get to Iceland?
How can I reduce my carbon footprint while flying to Iceland?
How do I travel from the Keflavík international airport to Reykjavík?
How are the prices in Iceland? Is Iceland an expensive country?
Do I need to pay some application fees to my Sending Organisation?
Where can I find more information on Iceland?
Where do the fees paid to SEEDS go?
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