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SEEDS, with the support of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), offers opportunities to young people (18-30 years old) to be a volunteer in Iceland for a specific period of time (usually 5 months).

The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe.

The European Solidarity Corps allows a young person to be a volunteer in another country for a specified period, normally between 2 and 12 months. 

For more information on the European Solidarity Corps, please visit their website.

To visit the site of the Erasmus+ in Iceland, the Icelandic National Agency for the programme and one of our main supporters, please go here.

European Solidarity Corps with SEEDS

Each year we host ESC volunteers in cooperation with partner organisations around Europe. 

Our ESC projects are usually 5 months long and the volunteer can apply for one of the following positions:

  • Public Relations & Communications Volunteer. Read more here.
  • Environment Camp Coordinator. Read more here.
  • Photography Camp Coordinator. Read more here.

Duration of the next activities: 24.01.2024 - 01.07.2024 (5 months) or 29.04.2024 - 09.10.2024 (5 months).

Vacancies: 12 spaces for volunteers from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, or Ukraine.

Deadline to apply: 6 November 2023 at 16.00 (GMT).

Selection/interview process: November - dates to be announced.

Supporting organisations: AHA (Austria, Vorarlberg), Jugend:info NÖ (Austria), Association of Ruse and Green School Village (Bulgaria), PlanBe, Plan it Be it (Cyprus), EstYES (Estonia), Concordia France, Experiment e.V. and SFD Bremen e.V. (Germany), You in Europe (Greece), Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation HVSF, Associazione InformaGiovani and Comune di Cremona (Italy), Socialinis Veiksmas (Lithuania), Bona Fides Association (Poland), Agora Aveiro, PsientíficaRota Jovem, and Y.U.P.I. Youth Union Of People with Initiative (Portugal), A.C.T.O.R. - Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami (Romania), Keric (Slovakia), COCAT, Ayuntamiento de Maracena and Consejo de la Juventud Comarcal de Calahorra (Spain), Stella and Pangeya Ultima (Ukraine).


If you are interested in the project, you are from any of these countries and are interested in becoming an ESC volunteer, please send via email (to all the following documents in English.

  • CV, Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Specific motivation letter for the project (max. 1 page)
  • Complete questionnaire here

 In your application, clearly state which role and period you’re available for. 

You can only apply for this ESC if you are between 18-30 years old and if the total duration of the activity period, including previous participation in ESC or in an Erasmus+ volunteering activity.


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