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Scared of sheep heads? - SEEDS 20. The North of Iceland - Nature & fun!
Fnjóskadalur, after one week we are still impressed by the view. If I look to the right I can see mountains and only far, far in the distance can I see another house. In front there is a little church and the house of the host and mountains with snow and on the left (after a few mountains) there is our working place.
During the work camp we have been doing different jobs, but most of the time planting trees. It's nice to see that we made our own SEEDS forest. Next year we should certainly write the names of the volunteers on a wooden board to show all people who are visiting in the future that it was us ;)
In the evenings we have time to relax in the hot-tub just next to the guesthouse where we are staying. I'm sure that it is one of the main reasons why we don't have aching muscles from the work. Just for your information, a hot-tub is a good place to have a discussion about environmental statements!
In June it is time to bring the sheep up the hills. At first the sheep are checked if they are healthy and then it is time to set them free. At first we had to guide the sheep towards the best hill where they will spend the summer and in September and October the farmers will try to bring the sheep back.
On Saturday we worked hard to prepare meals for the international evening. The local people were joining us and they brought Icelandic meals as well. This was the moment of truth! The moment of trying the famous Icelandic dish: SHEEP HEAD.
It might not look so tasty, but it was! A well prepared meal (lots of thanks to the cooks). After this experience I'm willing to try the shark!
During the rest of the international evening we were chatting, listening to a fantastic local opera-singer and playing games. We asked the locals to answer some questions e.g. Which country has three times more bicycles than people? Every answer presented one of our countries.
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