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Icelandic fishermen and sailors
Ahoy there! On Sunday (4th of June) we celebrate Icelandic fishermen and sailors. This celebration is a big deal across Iceland. The Festival of the Sea or Sjómannadagurinn attracts large groups of people. They take part in various activities, performances, strongman competitions and demonstrations of skill.
Our intern Lukas, decided to put his fishing skills to the test. And guess what? He nailed it!
There are four lifting stones in Djúpalónssandur black sand beach at Snaefellsnes used by fishermen to test their strength.
Fullsterkur [ˈfʏtl̥ˌstɛr̥kʏr̥] ("full strength") weighing 154 kg, Hálfsterkur [ˈhaulvˌstɛr̥kʏr̥] ("half strength") at 100 kg, Hálfdrættingur [ˈhaulvˌtraihtiŋkʏr̥] ("Half-carrier") at 54 kg and Amlóði [ˈamˌlouːðɪ] ("Hamlet or Weakling") 23 kg.
These stones were no joke. Back in the day, they were the ultimate fitness test for aspiring fishermen, separating the hulking seafarers from the landlubbers. To make the cut, you had to hoist the Hálfdrættingur stone to hip-height onto a ledge. That was the minimum requirement for a ticket to a life on the fishing boats.
So, here's the question. Do you have what it takes to be a fisherman?
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