Inspired by Iceland
We need to reduce emissions
We all know that as a society we need to reduce emissions to net zero as fast as possible. Science is showing that we have to reduce them in the way the average global temperature increase is limited to 1.5°C. Let our former environmental coordinator @kassapiens tell you a bit more.
“The urgency of change is not reflected in climate laws and policies. The European Union that considers itself to be a global climate leader is aiming for a 2°C temperature increase. This not only affects global climate mitigation efforts worldwide, but also lowers the ambition of other countries which do not have the same historical responsibility or ability to pay as the EU.
Now, take a look into your European life. Assuming that you are an average European, you probably wake up, get out of bed, have breakfast and in the end of the day you brush your teeth (or at least you should!) and go to bed. Within a day, your activities ranging from general electricity use,  food and building usage to transport come with a carbon footprint. And then you see a calculator and are asked to fix it! Well, it's not that easy.  We need to remember that we are all connected to each other and every living being on this planet. We are all beads on the same string. Bees from the same beehive. Petals of the same flower. Climate change is a super-wicked collective problem that requires a collective solution.
What other than love? 
Caring for the planet starts with caring about other people. Come together with people and discuss what needs to change and why. What do you see around you every day? Where should we even start from? Talk talk talk.”
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