Inspired by Iceland
Take something old and turn it into something new
Take something old and turn it into something new. For yourself and the planet.
Upcycling clothes is having a real moment right now. Gen Z prioritize sustainability more than even brand names. The hashtag #upcycledfashion is more popular than ever, with more than 427 million views on TikTok.
Upcycling has even more benefits (and, arguably, deserves even more credit) than recycling does. That’s because to recycle is to break the original item back down into a raw state, then reuse it again. But with upcycling, you simply repurpose the item without first having to take it back to its original state.
When a product is recycled, it’s sent to a facility to be broken down into a raw material, which is then made into something new. With upcycling, that process isn’t needed. When you upcycle, you’re prolonging the item’s life and ultimately preventing it from heading to the landfill. Or, at least, extending its life prior to the landfill. 
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