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SEEDS 11. Fiskidagurinn Mikli í Dalvíkurbyggð - Fish Festival

SEEDS group of volunteers comes for the second year in a row to Dalvík to support the Great Fish Day and a diverse types of tasks before and after the festival in town.

This year we have a group of 20 volunteers from 9 different countries: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Spain and the US. We are very glad the organisers of the festival and the district of Dalvíkurbyggð have decided to host SEEDS volunteers once again and we wish all of them a great work together during the next 2 weeks!

We thank our hosts for the great welcome and good care you surely will take of our volunteers!

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On the Great Fish Day, go to

On the Dalvíkurbyggð district go to:

For a descriptive report on the 14 workcamps (group projects) we had last year in Iceland, where we hosted more than 160 volunteers from 25 different countries, go to

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