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Podcast project: One Radio Erasmus

About one year ago, in July 2020, SEEDS was invited to join a project called OneRadioErasmus. Together with four other NGOs we would create podcast episodes revolving around topics like culture, politics, art and music. The aim of this project was and is to give young Europeans a voice to talk about current topics and issues.


Our SEEDS team created three different podcast, which we would like to introduce now:

Dolly MacGuffin

Do you like cinema? Do you like music? Well, if the answer is yes, you just found a little hidden gem right here!

Marco Marcer, long-term volunteer from Italy reviews movies and music in his podcast called Dolly MacGuffin.

Sprouts og Spíra

Interviews and news by "SEEDS, Volunteering for Iceland"; from a rock in the middle of the ocean, in the company of MJ and various guests.

This podcast is run by Annie Heine from Switzerland, Marco Marcer from Italy and Inna Hallik from Estonia. Listen to three episodes of interesting interviews about volunteering experiences all around the world, recharging your batteries as a volunteer as well as language and perception.


Helpline Earth

In our podcast Helpline Earth we are discussing environmental issues. Get on a call with us to talk to our special guests.

Created and run by Lennia Gallati (Switzerland), Karol Solvik (Slovakia) and supported by Alessia Melchiorre (Italy) we are talking about different environmental issues with our interesting guests. Listen to the two first episodes about zero waste and the Blue Army in Iceland.


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Find out more about the OneRadioErasmus project here:


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