Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 099. Advent Photography & Environment in Reykjavik

Last week we finished our camp SEEDS 099. Advent Photography & Environment in Reykjavik. In the camp we had 6 participants, which helped to create closer ties between us.

We had a lot of indoor and outdoor activities with photographic and environmental workshops, common dinner in Andrymi, where we all helped to cook and clean while also being able to meet Icelanders and people from abroad, participated in the Climate strike... We swaped clothes in Loft and during free time we played different games.We solved problems with transportation, smart phones, food and electricity.

As we were from many different nationalities, we prepared two international dinners, first one just the leaders, as that day the participants were part of an excursion, second one was made by the participants themselves. We were also able to celebrate two birthdays with delicious cake and a small party for Max and Willa. We enjoyed the camp together as one big group, having fun and also often getting wet because of the rain.

Martin MATKO, SEEDS Camp coordinator


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