Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 097. Photography & Environment in November

Winter in Iceland is anything but boring!  

In our last Environmental Aware and photography camp, we had loads of fun and plenty of new information for our participants. 
Between photography and environmental workshops, shooting sessions, talks, documentaries and educational games, we also had in situ activities so our participants could see the direct and practical example of the approached subjects. 
Since the camp happened during the European Week for Waste Reduction  (EWWR), this included a visit to SORPA, the Reykjavik's waste management company and a dinner in Andrými, a social centre where our volunteers used dumpster-dived ingredients in order to prepare some delicious recipes and share them with the community.
During the camp, our volunteers and camp leaders wanted to take part in the EWWR producing a stop-motion video aimed to raise awareness about waste reduction.
Last but not least, everyone could enjoy their free time to attend the endless free concerts, Reykjavik nightlife, swimming pools and of course Iceland's beautiful nature. 
Thank you to all the participants for the harmonious environment, their will to share and commitment to make a pro-environmental change.
Dario PRESTI - SEEDS Camp coordinator


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