Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 093. Photography & Environment - Film Festival

"In This Camp

Marianne, Marelle
Marisa, Maria
Sarah, Sara
Joey, Joyce
There is so much confusion in this camp

Spanish Tortilla de patatas
Mediterranean humus, Chinese tea
German potatoes and Dutch pancakes
Culture is mostly about food in this camp

Reduce dishes to avoid washing
Reuse tea bags of favourite flavours
Recycle leftover dinner for breakfast
Environmental awareness is spot on in this camp

Humping horses
Hunting auroras
Cuddling cats
Hiking rivers
Nature is of endless supply in this camp

Highschool hits from Marco
90s rock from Laurence
Cantopop from Joey
Of Monsters and Men from Iceland
Music keeps us moving in this camp

Insights on Hong Kong's struggle
Lessons on scientific principles
Critique of environmental policies
Techniques for dealing with people
Conversations keep us educated in this camp

Carrying our trash back from hikes
Cleaning up cigarette butts from the city
Separating our waste
Influencing the community
Learning to lead by example in this camp

Excursions are done
Photos are taken
It's time to go soon
But the journey has just started
This is why it'll be hard to leave this camp

So off we go
With a new perspective
New friendships and new objectives
This is why we were here in this camp"

Niharika Aggarwal


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