Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 071. Coast Cleaning & Environmentally Aware

This costal cleaning camp was definitely very special for me.

6 volunteers from China came to Iceland to learn about environment and take home a good practice for protecting and saving it. I can declare all of them future active change makers and fighters for Mother Earth.

They wanted so much to know more about recycling, how to separate correctly the trash, what alternatives they have for reducing the use of plastic and how they can share this ideas with people around them.

We created an action plan for everyone and they set objectives as: refusing plastic bags, plastic straws, paper cups, plastic bottles. Much more, they will organise some actions with their friends to pick up trash and some movie nights with some documentaries about: fast fashion, plastic in the ocean, how we waste food. 

What impressed me most was their conclusion: We need to change our values.

What values?

About money and how we behave as consumers in this capitalist society.

They understood that as much as they buy, as much as the factories will produce to make profit.

The true cost of this profit is the planet and the resources that are not unlimited.

We kill our lifes for profit.

If we buy, they take resources again and again from the planet.

The circular economy is not going if we don’t refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and we don’t want to cut this circle just because we are greedy.

They will ask themselves three times „Do I really need this?”

The concept of less is more..

In China the sky is not blue anymore, they need to wear masks to breath...the situation is not nice at all. They realise that small personal actions can matter and if the voice of the people is loud enough – even the politicians will do something in this direction.

But, we need to be heard. We need to speak about this, to bring awareness and to do as much as we can. This volunteering experience brought a lot of awareness and new habits for them. I am so proud of them! You can come and join us. We promise a transformational camp.


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