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SEEDS 086. CC & EA - SCI China

This camp was about seeing a different culture and how it doesn’t matter if we are from different parts of the world to do something good together.

13 chinese girls helped us to clean the coast in the city and they also learned more about the importance of recycling. SORPA - the recycling center in Reykjavik it’s providing all the time for our volunteers a presentation and a guided tour. In this way we can share the cause and the bad effects produced by us in the environment and how we can change something until is not too late.

I am glad that they will go home and change some of their habits correlated with this topic and sharing this idea with others also. In this way we spread the word about saving the world and loving the Mother Earth!

Andrea, Camp Leader
from Romania
This camp was interesting and specific in several ways. Firstly, it was my first Chinese group, so there were only Chinese girls in the camp. Which provided us a different insight into their culture and habits.
It was us, the leaders, who that had to adjust to their way of doing things, since we were the minority. Secondly, we found out a lot of interesting facts about China and we noticed quite a few differences in our everyday habits. We taught them some basic about the Icelandic culture and the recycling system. We were able to use it in practice when we cleaned the coast, which was a good learning experience for them.
Also they learned the importance of good communication, cooperation and how to stand up for your rights, since they had some problems and misunderstandings with their sending organisation.
In addition to working on the environmental issues, we also  learned a little bit about photography (basic, light, composition, landscape), specifically, how to take good pictures here in Iceland. Our participants did a very good job at this and we hope to have an online exhibition of their work. The camp allowed us to challenge our mindset and what we consider to be usual, because we can learn by sharing experiences and getting to know each other. I am grateful that I was able to join and be a part of this unique experience. This week was full of surprises, challenges but also rewarding moments that I will keep in nice memory.
Thank you for everything, my beautiful Chinese girls.
Kristina, Camp Leader
from Slovenia

SEEDS 086. CC & EA - SCI China held between 22.07 - 30.07

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