Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 064. Forestry & hiking trails in the West
Imagine waking up and the first thing you see are the mountains, a lake and tall TREES. Yes, you heard it right, Iceland has huge trees! The total forest and woodland cover only ca. 2% of the island’s land area. Afforestation of relatively large areas has only started within the last 25 years. The main reasons, among others, are lack of money to plant trees by the forestry societies and competition from other land use, especially grazing.
During this camp we were mostly putting new layers of wood chips on the footpath. it can be rather satisfying work, as the final result looks like a scene from a Disney movie.
One of the most exciting things we did, was swimming in the lake, which was surprisingly not even so freezing, since this summer has been quite generous with the sun.
Jerca Koren, Camp Leader
SEEDS 064. Forestry & hiking trails in the West held between 25.07 - 31.07.
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