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SEEDS 066. & SEEDS 045. Coast Cleaning & Environmentally Aware in Reykjavík
Another camp has come to an end. This one was a special one. The reason is that we merged a Belgium group with a group of Coastal cleaning, in order to offer them international experience. We have started the camp with an explanation of why we have decided to have mostly meat and fish-free camp. We continued the week with workshops about plastics and their presence in the oceans, fast fashion, zero waste and the importance of minimizing what we own.
We managed to exercise while picking some trash around Reykjavik, with our last clean-up co-organised with the Sea Shepherds. We finished this clean-up at the Geothermal beach, where we enjoyed the incredible summer weather. At least, one of the most important things we have achieved was that our participants have shared their ideas about solving local environmental issues and made a more specific plan on how to take action.
Jerca Koren, Camp leader
SEEDS 045 & SEEDS 066. Coast Cleaning & Environmentally Aware in Reykjavík, held between 10.06 and 18.06
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