Inspired by Iceland
Visit at the whales of Iceland Exhibition

Our winter "Environmentally aware" camps have been hard at work cleaning the Reykjavik coastal area!

After a hard working morning the group had the opportunity to visit the "Whales of Iceland" exhibition. The exhibition shows 23 man made life size models of various whale species found in Icelandic waters. Visitors can see a 25m (82 ft.) long blue whale, a full-size sperm whale, life size models of Killer whales and various other whale species. Next to the models, visitors can find interactive information stands and videos while listening to whale songs and enjoying underwater ambient lighting.

The exhibition is both fun and educational for our participants! To see up close the inhabitants our ocean is both unique and fascinating! The exhibition is an example of how different players in the education and protective domains can work together to raise awareness and promote environmentalism.

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