Inspired by Iceland
Sandra Yñiguez's last Photomarathon camp with SEEDS

For the SEEDS 133 camp: Winter Photography & Aurora hunting, our volunteers had plenty of activities related to the photography field. The camp started with a jam-packed workshop about Photography Basics which gave all the volunteers the tools and knowledge on how to approach the manual mode of their cameras. Nothing to be scared about: this was the initial process so they could decide how their photos were going to be created!


Many other indoor workshops took place throughout the camp, allowing our volunteers to dive deeper into how to take visually pleasing photos and how to improve their skills... with some professional tips in the mix. Whenever we didn’t have a workshop, the outdoor activities came in super handy, so everyone could practice “hands-on” (using their own cameras) everything they learnt, leaving also space to ask and solve any doubts they might have had.


Some of the outdoor activities included Aurora hunting (which can be done pretty much anywhere), and this time we got to see the Northern lights close by the Botanical Gardens, in Reykjavik. We were also lucky to catch them in location, during our Night Photography Workshop, in the middle of nowhere… Furthermore, we attended a photo exhibition at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography where volunteers got to talk to another professional photographer, get inspired and know more about photography, and even some other activities which involved photo challenges such as taking portraits of strangers!


The camp finished with the final photo exhibition held in Bíó Paradís, which will last for two weeks; with the photos that our volunteers had chosen as the best ones.


Sandra Yñiguez, Photomarathon coordinator


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