Inspired by Iceland
What have our Environmentally Aware volunteers been up to in November?

Filipa Gomes, one of our Environmental Messengers and co-leader of our latest SEEDS 134 Environmentally Aware in Winter camp, wanted to update everyone on what her group of short term volunteers has been doing this past week. Here is what they have been up to...


This week our volunteers had plenty of hands-on!

They have learned how to make their own natural facial masks, turning their skin fresh and shiny; to do all purpose cleaning products for a chemical-free house; and an eco-friendly laundry detergent. Easy, clean and good!

As compensation for their great commitment in picking up trash in a not-so-clean area of Reykjavík, they got a sponsored visit to the Whales of Iceland Museum. By doing that they've learned how to recycle, and a loooot about whales - those wonderful mammals of the sea!


And because staying at home is boring, this time we've decided to do a talk about Slow Food at Bryggjan Brugghus Bistro & Brewery, where they could see the direct example of some of the approached subjects. Plus, they got a free tour to the brewery and just became experts in beer making... Yummy!

The lovely finale was at Vesturreitir Félagsmiðstöð, a social centre who hosted us for a sewing bags activity. All bags made will be distributed in the local supermarket Melabúðin for costumers to borrow and reuse, instead of using plastic ones.

Filipa Gomes, Environmental Messenger and workcamp leader
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