Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 130. Environmentally Aware and Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik
Winter in Iceland is everything but boring!
Reykjavik has a positive and proactive attitude, where something is always happening! And guess what? We're full time with an eye on it so we don't miss a thing. In our last environmental camp we had loads of fun and plenty of new information for our volunteers.
Between group dynamics, talks, workshops, documentaries and educational games, we also had in situ activities so our participants could see the direct and practical example of the approached subjects. This included a visit to SORPA, the Reykjavik's recycling center, The Space, a co-working shared space, The Reykjavik Tool Library, a Forest clean-up, PERLAN Museum tour and a super cool environmental movie from Iceland at Bio Paradis!
Last but not least important, everyone could enjoy their free time to attend the endless free concerts, swimming pools and, of course, Iceland's beautiful nature. Thank you to all the volunteers for the harmonious environment and the commitment to make a pro-environmental change!
Filipa Gomes
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