Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 094. Coast Cleaning and Environmentally Aware in Reykjavik
This year SEEDS started with new series of coast cleaning & environmentally aware camps for everyone that want sto discover Iceland in a different way. These camps include workshops about pollution, understanding where it comes from and more important, how to make little changes in our lives that will benefit the environment in the future.

We also opened different topics about the environment, connecting them with problems from our own countries. In this camp, the participants were from Germany, Italy, Russia and Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. 
One day we were working with the Blue army, an Icelandic partner non-profit organization that helps us to make the coastline clean. Their leader is a very interesting Icelander with big ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. We were working in the Reykjanes peninsula and in one day we collected more than one ton of mostly plastic waste. The majority of plastic that we found came from fishing boats, we found also a lot of fishing nets and ropes along with the usual: plastic bottles and plastic containers. Some of the trash had identifiers on them so we could even determine where it came from – Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark and even Canada.

In our free time we went on different excursions and the volunteers also had good time in the city, discovering local cuisine and enjoying different events and the night life. We relaxed on the geothermal beach and even enjoyed some sunshine in Reykjavík.

Ana Kokalj

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