Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 133. Environmentally aware: in Reykjavík

During this Environmental Awareness camp in November, we hosted participants from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain & Romania.

The camp visited IFAW, the geothermal power plant at Hellisheidi and also worked for a couple of hours helping out in the Graveyard of Reykjavik where they had an opportunity to work and talk to some Icelanders. The group participated in the climate change and recycling workshops delivered by Mathy from France and played team building and integration games prepared by Kasia from Poland.

The group did really well while cooking their traditional meals for the international dinner with a delicious German pretzel on top of it!

The group went on excursions outside Reykjavik to explore the beauty of the icelandic winter and enjoyed their time outdoors at the Golden Circle and South Shore trips.

Katarzyna Muszynska - SEEDS Camp leader

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