Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 128. Environmentally aware in Reykjavík

During this Environmental Awareness camp, between 16th and 22nd of October, we hosted volunteers from China, France, Italy Mexico, Poland and Russia. We spent some nice time together working with IFAW (Meet Us Don't Eat Us -a campaign against whaling in Iceland), visited a whale exhibition and after that -set a sail for whale-watching!

The group also did some volunteer work at the Graveyards of Reykjavik where they learnt more about Iceland and Reykjavik straight from the Icelanders, as the ways to compost the organic waste in the gardens.

But all  work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so apart from the “working” part, the participants went to the swmiming pool to enjoy the famous icelandic hot pots and also discovered Reykjavik's nightlife - partying and dancing all night longs!

Katarzyna Muszynska - SEEDS Camp leader

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