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SEEDS 01 in Bíldudalur & Patreksfjördur

SEEDS' volunteers had the great opportunity to move to the town of Bíldudalur at about one hour away from Patreksfjördur..

The volunteers luckily had the chance to spent half of the time in one town and the other half in another one! After having spent one week in Patreksfjördur, the 22 international volunteers moved to Bíldudalur for the last part of the project! Once in the town they where welcomed with great projects especially designed to them according to their own background.

The group was then divided in five sub-groups working on different tasks as analysing the forest current situation and its health in Bíldudalur and surroundings, studying the population of birds in the area, organising handcrafts and dance activities with the local youth; one group had also the great chance to observe, study and analyse the lake Hujnksvatn thinking in a possible development of the area taking into account that this lake is the main source of water for Bíldudalur; the last group was in charge of updating the website with the studies and events organised by SEEDS' volunteers and also with some interviews and reportages about the locals.

The volunteers and SEEDS are very glad about the possibility offered by the communities in Vesturbygð and surely this will be an unforgettable experience for all of us! Takk fyrir okkur!!

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