Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 059. Meet Us Don?t Eat Us

Humans are a very small part of this planet and are not the only beings who are existing here. The variety of living creatures is so wide that it makes me think many times, how we all together can live in harmony and balance? It is possible but requires a lot of understanding and open – mindedness. ‘See beyond borders’ - this phrase I heard many times since I am here in Iceland. During ‘Meet Us Don’t Eat Us’ workcamp we all had the chance to broaden our horizons. Untill the ocean and much further. Everyday talking with both tourists and Icelanders about whaling situation as well as asking them to sign postcards against whaling was challenging in many ways but at the same time we had many lessons to learn. To see a whale for the first time was an amazing experience for most of my volunteers and I do believe it will stay in their memories for a long time. Day by day it was nice to see how everyone of us make small effort which at the end turned into a quite nice result. That’s how it was: two weeks we were thinking about nature, about world itself and us, what kind of influence we are doing to this planet and how small steps can make big difference. Let's make it a better place to live not only for us but for all those amazing mammals on this earth.

Justina LIZIKEVICIUTE - SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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