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Sjálfboðavinna í útlöndum. SEEDS - A world of opportunities! Our Top 10!

SEEDS Iceland offers the opportunity to Icelanders to volunteer abroad in more than 80 different countries and we have made a short selection "Top 10" of projects that we believe are exciting and very interesting:

1. Great Britain (Cardiff). Get enrolled and engaged in a Welsh circus team, join their tour and learn circus skills!

2. La Rioja in Spain. Join archaeologist teams cleaning footprints of dinosaurs and fossil remains!

3. In Japan (Hacimori). Use fire-rockets to keep monkeys out of the agricultural fields ;)..

4. Guerrero, Mexico. Work with sea turtles and help watching their nests during the nights at the beach!

5. Morocco (Fes). Do you want to learn ancient Moroccan pottery techniques? This is the place and project!

6. Odense in Denmark. Experience how people lived 2000 years ago in a historical museum, replica of a village from the Iron Age.

7. Thailand (Ranong). Help and work hand in hand with locals in areas destroyed by the Tsunami, assist the renovation works at their homes and villages.

8. Obedska bara, Serbia! Work for and help protecting the oldest European protected area!

9. Olimpia in Greece! Help marking ancient marathon paths and trails at Peloponesus.

10. France (Touluse). Explore history and architecture of protected castles and take part in their renovation.

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