Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 051. Meet us - Don't eat us (2:6)

"Killing whales? But Iceland still hunt whales? Are you sure? I thought that whaling it had already been banned...”

This is how a typical conversation with a tourist starts when you encourage him to support the "Meet us - Don’t eat us" campaign. Coming to Iceland to participate in this workcamp means helping this country to protect its sea fauna but also means to help people like you, your families or your friends back in your countries to understand what are the implications of ordering a whale steak in a Reykjavik restaurant.

During two weeks our main goal was to spread the word of IFAW, Meet us don’t eat us and help people like Siggi and Marvin (environmental activists and our kind workcamp hosts) around the streets of Iceland’s capital. It's a lot of fun, a great chance to improve your communication skills in English (but even if you come from a small country, you will find a compatriot here...Reykjavik is full of tourists in summer!), and an amazing opportunity to know the city and the country in a different way.

Moreover, the title of the campaign cannot be more precise: after collecting hundreds of signatures among locals and foreigners against whaling, what can be better that sailing to Flaxaflói Bay and meet, in person, the whales that we are trying to protect? We all will never forget that sunny afternoon in the middle of June when various groups of whales and dolphins were swimming around our boat... Definitely, an unforgettable experience with an unforgettable group of people. This is Iceland!

Pablo Jimènez
SEEDS Workcamp Leader


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