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EVS Volunteers coming to SEEDS Iceland !!

The summer is coming closer every day and so does the busiest period of the year for SEEDS! Our new EVS volunteers are about to arrive and we are really looking forward to hosting all of them during this new season of our projects in Iceland!

During the first week of May, we will receive a new group of EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers, who will stay with us for 6 up to 7 months, working with us in different projects all around the country. They are coming from many different corners of the European map: From the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom!! Yes! 12 long-term volunteers coming from 8 different countries, which make this group the a very varied and "colorful" one!

All of them come with the kind support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission and will be hosted by SEEDS in Iceland!

For more information on how EVS at SEEDS, please visit

For more information on the Youth in Action Programme go to

We wish our new volunteers in Iceland a great stay and a wonderful time full of joy and good experiences!

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