Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 048. Revegetation in the South of Iceland

Nobody would argue that wildlife in Iceland is just magnificient. It is home to many birds nesting on sea cliffs and Icelandic waters are rich with marine life, full of  seals, whales, dolphins and countless species of fish. However, during last two weeks we faced other part of reality – we humans are disturbig the ecosystem. But at the same time, I do believe, we can do positive changes. If we know the problem, we can find the solution.

Many thanks to our host who provided us with the information what we are doing and the most important question - why? I found it so useful for us to get more familiar with Icelandic nature and see other part of the whole picture which you can´t find in guidebooks. Large areas of bare rock, stony deserts, sandy wastelands and lava fields all over the country.

It is so crucial to take care about grasslands that everyone becomes very important part of the process. ´Think globally, act locally!´ - that's what our host teached us and that's what we tried to do. It's so good to know that steps have been taken to halt erosion, to fertilize trees and even plant new ones!

Welcoming with Iceland National Day we made a present - small forest - ten sprouts which we have planted with hope that they will grow into majestic and life giving trees!

I have one more wish iniside that my group after coming back home will do positive impacts on their natural surroundings and won´t forget what vegetations means. 

Justina Lizikeviciute
SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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