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SEEDS - Annual Report on workcamps in Iceland

SEEDS Iceland has released an annual descriptive report on our voluntary service activities with International volunteers for the year 2006.

Last year SEEDS Iceland organised 14 voluntary service workcamps and hosted 160 volunteers from 25 different countries.

By December 31st 2006, volunteers and interns hosted by SEEDS had performed 24000 hours of voluntary service around the country in a variety of projects where the actions were individually or in groups undertaken; the projects developed by SEEDS lasted from as short as 10 days to as long as 7 months.

SEEDS Iceland works closely with local communities, their administration or authorities and with other Icelandic associations. Jointly we develop projects aimed at fulfil an identified need or to help in the development of particular actions that are already being undertaken.

Our projects in Iceland are highly supported by the local hosts and the volunteers participating; additionally we received strong support for our long term projects from the Youth and Leonardo da Vinci Programmes of the European Commission.

One of the basic pillars of responsible travelling is giving back, making a positive, personal or group contribution to the people and places you are visiting: Many of our participants wanted to visit Iceland and get to know the country from a different perspective, being able to interact with locals and at the same time dedicating some of their time to support particular projects and addressing specific needs of the hosts.

SEEDS wants to thank all those committed individuals that volunteered for us, people that dedicated part of their lives to our cause and that triggered the consequences of our endeavours. Icelandic and foreign volunteers that took aside precious time, from 2 weeks up to one year, to drive forward this initiative and shape the association, to start seeing the fruits and results coming from SEEDS spread, laid out and now growing up!

Please feel free to download the enclosed file and we hope you enjoy the reading!

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