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SEEDS 054. West fjords & Reykjavík: Music Festival!

Sveiki from the Westfjords! The festival is in full swing and the most important night of concerts awaits - there are dignitaries coming! It has been very enjoyable to work behind the scenes and help such a talented group of musicians do what they do best. The music has been a real treat for the sensations - not only has there been some of the very best classical performers but there has been a range of musical styles, from folk to samba! We played the most memorable game of chess the other night; listening to the concert pianist rehearsing in the empty hall.

The work has been interesting, the hours are very long and we are all tired. However, we have organised the schedule so that everyone has had a day off during the week to explore the beautiful surroundings. We went to see the solstice sun and enjoyed some lovely meals. Oh and our apartment is pure luxury!

Agnese - SEEDS Workcamp Leader

Hugh - SEEDS Environmental Messenger

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