Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 082. Working & Horseback riding in the South!

If you would ask what the best entertainment in Iceland is, of course one of the top answers would be horseback riding. Maybe that is why volunteers from seven different countries met each other exactly in the horseback riding camp.

Horseback riding every second day - why not ?! Unfortunately, the most part of volunteers didn't have a lot of experience with horses, so riding horses was a bit harder as it seemed at first. But if we look on the other side- it made lot of fun!  

During the working days volunteers helped in the everyday life in the stable and the hotel. They oiled wooden houses, did gardening, helped out in the kitchen and entertained good company.

After one week working volunteers changed location to another beautiful place. The house where they lived had prepared a lot of unexpected surprises so volunteers decided to start with "big cleaning day". After that the house visited a man, who helped them to build a terrace. They made it in two days - amazing!

Because volunteers were too enthusiastic workers, they had lot of free time. They did lot of hikes around the area, visited hot springs and river did Golden Circle and Blue lagoon, visited capital and made lot of international meals.

Lauma - SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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