Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 074. Salvation Army Guesthouse & Shelter!

Once upon a time, Julia, Jasmin, Beatriz and Emily, coming from Germany, Spain and USA, wanted to discover Iceland. So they arrived in Reykjavik, Salvation Army guesthouse.

Don't evaluate things before experiencing them. Cleaning the guesthouse can be interesting as well and the work isn’t back-breaking. It’s possible to meet guests from different parts of the world and exchange stories, even meet your course-mates, who you didn’t know before! After morning’s lottery for getting to know the destiny of the day - the type of work, we smoothly managed to finish everything until the lunch time.

After that - time for exploring offers in the city of Reykjavik and nearby villages, making some excursions, such as Blue Lagoon, long trip but full of joy to the beautiful Snaefellsnes, the popular Golden Circle and rainy, but still hot Hveragerdi, with some broken fingers, but, lucky, not for us. Remember, never trust Hannes, the awesome Icelander, who works at reception, about road conditions - we cycled around 50km with a curve in totally off-roads, where it wasn’t possible even to move for hikers with a long legs as a stork has, but we managed to it with our bicycles.

Unfortunately, Emily needed to leave after couple of days for her next work camp, but, you know, Jesus is always with us. Anyway, we enjoyed international evening, introducing with the correct facts about our countries, having a lot of food and homemade cake, which traveled from Germany! By the way, be careful with nuts.

It was possible to meet other volunteers during environmental activities, which were supposed to be a lot of fun, but those ducks…made somebody cry. We also enjoyed a few extras, ex., playing bowling; afterwards we agreed to take part in Olympics.

The super nice staff in the guesthouse and Iceland with its travelers’ attractions are still welcoming us back, some day, in a near future.

Una, SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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