Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 079. Unique West fjords!

When we arrived in our work camp's location the weather was like in a horror or mystery movies. It was so foggy that our driver did not see the road. Then we did not have clue about 5th largest glacier next to our house. Sounds scary? ...we were excited.

It was quite late when we arrived in our home for upcoming 2 weeks. We enter in the house and it was extremely cozy and nice. We had our first cake and tee with our host, his friend and guests. During our work camp we collected lots of mushrooms and berries. Now we can recognize 3 types of berries and tell differences between them. We also made jam and eleksir from the berries.

We learned many Icelandic recipes, for example, dark bread, soups, cakes, cakes, cakes and pies, Icelandic porridge. We helped to prepare the house for winter. We hosted tourists and some local events like "Bridge" tournament. Work was very different day to day. Food, guests, host, house, work, nature- it was the best... unique ... Icelandic. In free time we choose a peak, a waterfall or an animal type we want to see and we went to hike. We saw whales almost every day out from our window.

There are plenty of naturally created wonders to see. It is never enough ...time to see them all.  Now we are back home and we all have memories that we will never forget. It is impossible to tell... unique experience!

Anete, SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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