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SEEDS 018. Botanic Garden in Reykjavík (3:9) - Tree huggers?!? For sure!!!

Hi there everyone!!

Finally we concluded our workcamp here in Reykjavik. We have had a lot of fun working along with the staff of the Botanic Garden doing tasks such as weeding, moving soil, planting flowers in that soil moved…gardening in general, but the best of all is that a perfect weather was with us during all the work (except 2 mornings). Now, the garden looks much prettier and it is, in part, thanks to us.

Apart from the work in the garden we enjoyed a lot our time all together, being a really good team and going to some places near to Reykjavik worthwhile to visit such as Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Perlan Museum or Esja Mountain. Of course, all the workcamp have had an “environmental touch”. In fact, we inaugurated a new recycle box in the house (batteries), so imagine…


Jose, SEEDS Environmental Messenger.

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