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SEEDS 021. Nature & Culture in the South of Iceland - It's over! Unfortunately?

Work camp is finished and everyone is back in Reykjavik to spend the last evening together. So, while guys are making Mexican food, we take a look back at all the things that happened  during those 2 weeks in the southern Iceland.

It has been a lot of painting and new things we all learned- fixing the fence for sheep and horses, fixing the roof and painting it again. Fixing some things we accidentally broke ourselves while our host just smiled, shook his head and said - now we have to make a new irrigation pipe... :) Some of us learned how to drive a tractor, some of us took part in horse catching activity - action movie style.

Besides the work, we managed to do 2 trips - one to Westman Islands and one - pretty tough hike from Skógar to Þórsmörk, which will stay in our memories as beautifull,but very demanding, even dangerous and for all of us - a good teambuilding work that made us all care more about others and rely  on each other.

Finally this camp has been very special thanks to our amazing hosts - they were so nice and quiet people, but, when we spent some time together, they opened up and were so much fun! So, a recomenndation for everyone, willing to get closer to real Iceland -  go out there and meet Icelanders - they are not as cold as they might seem in the beginning :)


Ivita, SEEDS Workcamp leader

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