Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 021. Nature & Culture in the South of Iceland - Heating sandwiches in volcanic sand!

We ( I and 6 volunteers) have lived with our hosts for almost a week now and it has been a great time and mostly - very nice weather, as it usually is in southern parts of Iceland. So far we have worked on painting the houses and fixing the roof, as well as general cleaning and fixing things. Soon there will come most exciting part -  concrete work and final layer of paint, which we are all waiting for. It is so nice to see how your work changes things -  old house becomes new,fresh and colorfull, surroundings look much nicer and hosts are happier as well.

As our hosts had to go to Reykjavik for a day, we were allowed to use the biggest part of the day to go on a trip to Vestman islands. So, after a 25 min of shaky and windy sail, we were finally there. Even though weather was not the nicest one -  strong wind and some rain, we were eager to climb the volcano and try to warm up our sandwiches in the hot volcanic sand, which we manged pretty well taking into account the fact that we used our arms as shovels :) Then, after coming down from the volcano, we decided to take a rest and go to the swimming pool, which was pure pleasure  - sun, no wind, no rain, slides, hot tubs, jacuzzi and steam bath! How  can one not be happy and tired after this? :)

So, in conclusion - if you want to spend nice time, enjoy intercultural evenings with games, national dishes and laughter all around as well as do something really good for the environment and people in Iceland -  come and join us! It will be a pleasure to work together with you :)

Ivita, SEEDS Workcamp Leader
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