Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 017. Far far away! Icelandic heritage

Góðan daginn from the North east of Iceland!

What a stunning place. The rocky fjords protrude into the deep blue ocean, while the snow-capped peaks tower all around us. The views are numerous, breathless and endless.

Our host welcomed us into her home with open arms and gave us a flavour of the hospitality and kindness typical of the Icelanders. 

Today, we went to our workplace and explored the intricate turf house museum. We played some music and started to clean the many trinkets and pictures that fill the home in preparation for its opening.

We had plenty of cake, coffee and games to keep us going through the day! After a delicious Italian primo piatto, we're off to the beach (with a few beers for good measure!)


Bless! (Icelandic for bye!)


Hugh, SEEDS Workcamp leader

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