Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 83. Reykjavík - Support in the Centre

We spent two great weeks in Reykjavik, supporting the staff in a centre for people with psychological problems.

Our work mainly consisted of doing gardening work and conducting a number of workshops in the centre. We were doing a mobile workshop, dance workshops, a language exchange afternoon and we exchanged card games from our different countries and made a competition. We had the opportunity to see this great city in many different ways and to look at the beautiful surrounding nature.

Additionally we helped at the annual Reykjavík Gay Pride, which was a great experience. We were helping to secure the streets for the wagons to pass by safely. That way, we had front seats for the whole show! We spent great days in Reykjavik, learning Icelandic, playing games, and getting to know each other. It would not have been possible without our great hosts, who really made us feel at home and who introduced us to Icelandic culture.

I want to thank everybody involved in this project! I had a great time, and I really enjoyed this workcamp very much!

Sonja KOVACEVIC (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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