Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 27. Stykkishólmur in the Snæfellsnes peninsula


We are building walking paths around the golf course today, carrying wheelbarrows of gravel, and we are nearly finished. It’s been funny sometimes as golf balls have been flying past us at some speed! We are playing a game that keeps us occupied, where you have to think of a song with a word in it and the winner is the one who can think of the most songs.

The word at the moment is ‘love’ and we’ve been going on for a while! The sun has been shining so much today that I’m a little burned. We are all getting ready for our daily trip to the swimming pool, as the city allows us to go for free everyday and the thought of a hot pot in the sun after work is sounding really good.

Laura GULLIVER (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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