Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 90. Nature & Culture in the South

Last night we saw the Northern Lights and this morning I’m still grinning!

One of our group was smoking a cigarette outside when she tapped on the window and pointed at the sky. As none of us had seen them before we raced outside and watched in wonder as the pale green light swirled and streaked across the sky, we were shrieking and making the noises you make when you see fireworks! We were hugging and jumping on one another, I can’t remember the last time I acted so much like a child! Something so ancient made me feel very insignificant.  After about twenty minutes I was so cold that I had to run inside, but just to put on more clothes! We didn’t want to stop watching. 

Today is still full of the magic of yesterday. We just finished breakfast and we’ll carry on painting the farm buildings like yesterday, with our AMAZING hosts. They’ve offered to take us to a waterfall nearby after work, they say it’s very beautiful, or maybe if we are tired we will stay in and watch a movie and play with the 2-week old kittens who live in the house.

Laura GULLIVER (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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