Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 80. Maritime outdoor education playground

On the 11th of September our workcamp started in Inner Njardvik, in one of the small town’s of the Reykjanesbær municipality. The project aimed to reconstruct an imitation of an old traditional, Icelandic shark-barrack, a driftwood shore and an imitation of an entrance (built from stones) for the boats and ferries.

Our work was a huge learning process for all of us, because during these two weeks we actually learned how to build a “kinda” house from the base to the turf roof. Many of us were astonished by the result that we achieved.

The involvement of the local community became a driving force for all of us. During our work day, classes from the local school or kids from local kindergartens came and made interviews with us about our interests and motivation to come to Iceland. They helped us to carry stones and gravel, to hammer the roof, to cut turf etc. It was a great, joyful and inspirational camp, where we worked hard and also had pretty much fun.

Katalin OLAH (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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