Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 78. Icelandic Herbs & Mountain of Wolves

In the mid of August, the most various group of volunteers I ever met - starting from age differences, also Nordic-distant and well-organized characters - got to live together with southern, loud, lively and energetic people.

All of us spent one week in Ulfarsfell, next to Reykjavik in a SEEDS house. We built shoe racks, cleaned the house, built a walking path and arranged a recycling system. We spent the second week in the vanishing blueberry bushes at Laugarvatn, picked plants and berries for organic cosmetics and tea. Laugarvatn’s lake and small town gave us a calm working atmosphere and our host shared stories regarding Icelandic sagas and natural highlights.

Katalin OLAH (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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