Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 32. Patreksfjörður - Unique West fjords

Patreksfjordur is one of the well-known fishing towns of Iceland in the Westfjords.

8 SEEDS volunteers built the Dandelion Route above the town, a walking path for the locals and named one of the biggest stones above the town the Whale Watching Stone, because that will be the place to catch the view of a whale family which has been living in the fjords for a while. The Local council of Patreksfjordur offered us a beautiful small apartment in the center of the town, with a great view of the white sandy beaches of West Fjords- unique in the country. From our apartment we departed each morning to our work, walked through the town, and in the afternoon usually we soaked our muscles in the swimming pool and hot tubs. Thanks to the locals in Patreksfjordur, we had a very enjoyable time and we hope the work of SEEDS volunteers is well appreciated within the community!

Katalin OLAH (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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