Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 39. Alviðra - Environmental Education Centre

The Environmental education centre at Alviðra became a home for an international group of SEEDS volunteers for two weeks.

The barn, yard & pet cemetery needed some maintenance after the winter and spring. The SEEDS group brought a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to this place! Thanks to us there is a wooden stage in the barn, new compost bins in the garden, artistic decorations on the walls of the barn and a new sign by the main road. Apart from the creative projects, we took care of the chickens, did some gardening, mowed the lawn around the house and at the pet cemetery, and prepared firewood packages.

In our free time we enjoyed hikes to the nearby mountain of Ingólfsfjall and around the river, a trip to the Golden circle and a visit to the local geothermal swimming pool in Selfoss. All of us left this workcamp with nice memories and the feeling that the results of our work will be visible and enjoyable for visitors of this place for many years.

Veronika PARICKOVA (SEEDS Environmental messenger)

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