Inspired by Iceland
Melting SEEDS in Spain...!!!!

After 7 days in the middle of Spain, two French Seeders just arrived back, back in our lovely cold isle in the middle of the Atlantic...

7 days ago, the thermal schock started. Our two Ice-French volunteer started to get some new knowledge about consumption habits, globalisation, and citizenship! Global Education! They tried their best to hide their real identity but the dynamism of the group itself forced them to speak a lot!

The five Polish girls, the two Italians, the two trainers from Belgium and Portugal, the Estonian photographer, the five local Spaniards and the Estonian-Australian from Project are Us did not need long to discover their French accent :) Even the Brenevín and the harðfiskur they brought was not enough to hide the true! And of course it was not their aim... They are good citizens ! Hé !

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