Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 12. Djúpavík. Where the northern road ends!

We were 5 volunteers from Latvia, Spain, United Kingdom and Slovenia who met in this amazing place.

This camp was situated in the beautiful west fjords, more precisely in Djupavik, tiny little settlement with only a couple of people living there, running a lovely and cozy hotel. Driving from Reykjavik towards this place was already an adventure of it's own. Beautiful day, seeing glaciers, endless straight road, sun ray reflections from the sea, mountains, volcanoes, lava fields....driver had a hard time focusing on the road with all those amazing distractions. Later on the road got a bit bumpy, a sign that we were away from civilization, no phone signal anymore. All of us were placed in a separate house from the hotel. Hosts were very hospitable and surroundings were breathtaking and peaceful.

Our fjord was surrounded with mountains and glaciers, giving us plenty of opportunities for hiking... midnight hiking is also a possibility with sun never really setting behind the horizon. We were presented with a variety of tasks to accomplish. One of our jobs was to assist with renovation of an old herring factory which will be transformed to a museum. We also cleaned up nearby stream where we found more than a ton of used iron. Other days we were cleaning the beach. There was plenty of drift wood coming from Siberia and broken fishing nets that needed to be taken away from the beach. Among other things we also got the chance to help out the local farmers in the next fjord with typical Icelandic craft.

We departed early in the morning with boats to an island where ducks were nesting. All the families from nearby fjords came together for this occasion. We were collecting valuable bird feathers from the nests and replacing them with dry grass so the eggs stayed safe and warm. Those feathers are used for sleeping bags, pillows etc. In our free time we enjoyed hanging with the locals, driving to the nearby outdoor pool on the beach, hiking, photographing the nature, kayaking and more. All in all we had a great time, we really connected with the locals and brought back permanent memories.

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