Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 17. Highlands of Iceland - The famous Kjölur road!

Who would have known that two weeks in the highlands somewhere between many mountains, without permanent mobile connection, would become such a life changing experience?

Moreover if different nationalities are melted together - American with a touch of Japanese, American with a touch of Indonesian, Austrian, Estonian, German with a touch of Irish, Mexican and South Korean - to work for one goal. Explosive? Big time, but in a very positive way.

We didn't expect to live in a holiday camp without any privacy whatsoever, but in the end it was what really bonded us so strongly together. Our little house was the place where we spent most of our free time or in the kitchen outside of the house, while cooking meals. Though we had teams for different obligations, people were really friendly on helping each other out with a great pleasure, not in the morning shifts though! Food brought us also together, which was absolutely a mind blowing experience, as who could have thought that there are so many excellent dishes in America, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Mexico and South Korea.

It wasn't all pleasure and fun, like climbing to the top of the mountain top or driving with a huge 4WD!, as the work we did was really exhausting, that even the fittest young and strong men started to feel weak. Well, then think of young girls and an older woman. Tough! With some minor accidents, like some blisters, wounds, injury of stepping into a hot spot and almost a nervous breakdown we managed well with our assignments; which were mainly making hiking paths in the highlands (not an easy task at all), painting (quite routine) or helping out in the site reception (working in the kitchen, in the washing room, cleaning the houses etc).

We all, no matter the nationality or age, got along really good, as we talked with each other, about whatever was depressing us, whether someone was lousy or arrogant for some reason. I think this was the key to our success, a good sense of humor and diligence. We all have remained in contact after our common work camp and are well informed what is going on in South Korea, Mexico or Austria.

Couldn't ask for a better experience while being in a wonderful Iceland!

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