Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 65. Unique Western Fjords

9 SEEDS volunteers from France, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, the Czech Republic and Italy spent two weeks in the Westfjords.

We stayed in the town of Dalbær for the first week. Our accommodation was a beautiful guesthouse with a view of Æðey  island. While in Dalbær, we collected many blueberries and made jam and juice. In our free time we went to Æðey where a young island inhabitant gave us a guided tour. Our second week was in Drangsnes, a village near to Hólmavík There, we cleaned fishing nets, built paths, and collected more berries. During our free time we visited the island of Grímsey and went fishing.

In both Dalbær and Drangsnes we greatly enjoyed our hosts. Our two fabulous hosts taught us many things and gave us the opportunity to experience Iceland in a very special way. For us Iceland is a place of laughter, beautiful landscapes, good food (reindeer burgers, freshly fished fish, homemade cakes!), and interesting new words and customs to learn.

All the volunteers became close friends. We discovered that a workcamp doesn't mean only volunteering work; it goes much deeper. Volunteering is a way to share feelings, discover other cultures, and collaborate and work as a team. All in all, volunteering is a great way to enrich oneself and develop as a person.

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